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  • Introduction: Procut Name: FDY-E33Chip: Impinji Monza 3Die Cut Size:Antenna Size: 5*124mmReading Distance: 6MApllicationtest result:
  • Introduction: Procut Name: FDY-9610Chip: Alien H3Die Cut Size: 10.4mm*44.5mmAntenna Size:Reading Distance:
  • Introduction: Procut Name: FDY-F31Chip: Impinji Monza 3Die Cut Size: 22*36mmAntenna Size: 18*32mmReading Distance: 2MApllicationtest result:
  • Introduction: FDY-007 UHF RFID Laundry Tag Simple IntroductionThis tag is called laundry tag, model number: FDY-007, the diameter 14mm, high-temperature resistent button sha...
  • Introduction: FDY-9662 UHF RFID InlayProcut Name: FDY-9662Chip: Alien H3Die Cut Size: 17mm*70mm(Flip chip)Antenna Size:Reading Distance: Upto 12meters
  • Introduction: Procut Name: NXP(AN1538)Chip: U-Code (G2XL:240bit ; G2XM:880bit)Die Cut Size: 30mm*50mmAntenna Size:Antenna Material: ALuminiumReading Distance: >2MApplication:...
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